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had promised to build her a house that had no stairs in the parlor, her personal bugbear. But then he built stairs in the parlor. Ann Eliza craved the furs and gewgaws he bestowed on Amelia and other wives as tokens of his affection, protesting, “It was more than a woman’s nature could stand to see them thus petted.”

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Tresor is a treasure among perfume creations (‘tresor’ in French means ‘treasure’). It is one of the best-selling and most popular perfumes in the wor

Organza is a magical mix of classical sensuality, delicacy and warmth, a hymn to eternal beauty possessed by every woman. An attractive bottle designed

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Definition. The colours and patterns of the heraldic palette are divided into three groups, usually known as metals, colours, and furs.In its original sense, tincture refers only to the group conventionally referred to as “colours”.

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At Holloway Furs in Memphis, TN, we carry a full line of mink jackets, strollers, 3/4 and full length coats for women as well

We love hairy women and we do our best to provide our beloved visitors with the hottest hairy moms and teens that keep hairy vaginas for males like you.

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David, a salesclerk who is obsessed with sex, has fantasies of wanting to make love with Venus, although in reality David is unsure of himself, being easily intimidated by women

Henry Cowit, Inc. / Madison Avenue Furs, LTD. in New York City’s fur district is a multi-faceted, third generation family business where anything you want in fur is here.

Literature, history, and art are sprinkled with a generous helping of libidinous older women. As a new study shows older women don’t lose interest in sex, Dr Brooke Magnanti asks why the shock?

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